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The "Killer Presentation"

Anything you can do in PowerPoint your competition can probably do better right now!

Anything you can do in PowerPoint your competition can probably do better right now!

The standard new business sales presentation is too long, too textual and amateurish in orientation. It typically delivers its key messages too late in the presentation and overly focuses on your offering and you rather than on the client and client need.

But since presentations to client buyers often come right at the end of the sales cycle, maximising your effectiveness and success at this critical stage can dramatically reduce your cost of average sale.

The Questpoint “killer presentation” service gives you skills, techniques and powerful visuals not available to your competitors, so empowering you to win more business.


Video: how could more effective sales presentations help you sell more?


What are these skills?

Paradoxically, developing and delivering the winning presentation can rely in part upon momentarily puzzling your audience and deliberately creating “gaps” in the presentation - a technique that causes the audience to really concentrate on what you are saying.

In contrast to a more traditional bullet point “lecture-style” presentation format which sees the audience “spoon fed” data from many slides in a relatively passive state, Questpoint Killer Presentations build in a degree of mystery and puzzlement.

Providing that the presenter is able to quickly establish credibility and command attention, a slightly puzzled – but intrigued and gripped - audience will strive to solve the “mystery” themselves. And so, by proactively engaging the audience with the presenter and the presenter’s sales materials, a far more compelling and memorable presentation is attained.

A sales presentation that remains in the buyers’ minds after you have left the building is an essential part of your sales weaponry; a tool that will maximise your chances of sales success at the moment that your competition will fall at the final hurdle.

At Questpoint we know science and psychology are essential to create effective sales presentations. The optimum presentation duration, sequences, look, feel and take-home messages have all been tested and refined by seasoned experts.

Yet, because PowerPoint is ubiquitous and so easy to use out of the box, a lowest common denominator approach tends to prevail within the marketplace, with many companies re-hashing older presentations that have delivered a modicum of sales success in the past.

The Questpoint killer presentation will help your company and your company’s services stand out from the crowd.

A professionally-created sales presentation can generate a very rapid Return on Investment (RoI). It is not uncommon, for example, for an effective new sales presentation to yield a 30% increase in close rates.

However, this sort of turnaround can only be achieved by working with presentation experts who are able to go beyond simply tarting up your standard presentation to make your existing slides look a little bit nicer.


Engage Questpoint to take advantage of the science behind the killer presentation and increase your closure rate.