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Sales Playbook

Sales Playbooks are helping sales people focus on exactly what they should be doing to progress a deal through each of the sales stages quickly and successfully.

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Research by the Aberdeen Group’ shows that organisations that have deployed a Sales Playbook sell 8% more against target than organisations that have not yet deployed a Sales Playbook.

54% of salespeople using a Playbook are likely to meet their sales target versus just 46% where there is no Playbook available to the salespeople.

The problems that a lot of B2B sales organisations face is that any given sales process can be complex with twists and turns that are not always predictable.

And even with less complex sales your salespeople may be handling so many opportunities at any one time that it is impossible for them to be do exactly the right thing all of the time.

A Sales Playbook builds upon your established sales process to embed best practice into every-day selling, thus increasing the success of your salespeople.

A Sales Playbook is a sales tool which takes existing best practice in Sales and turns it into a step-by-step guide for each deal for all. Everyone in the Sales team has the benefit of access to the tool and a well-designed Playbook is referenced and used every day by the majority of sales professionals. 

Benefits include:

  • Superior guidance and coaching for salespeople
  • Salespeople provided with the right information at the right time – information that is directly relevant to their unique selling situation.
  • Meets the need for improved speed and efficiency in Sales
  • Drives improved consistency within the team, holding excellence as a realistic target for every sale
  • Harnesses the value of team working
  • Improves sales forecasting accuracy
  • Delivers more sales and bigger sales – faster


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