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Sales Diagnostics

All sales organisations can – and should - do better. Given current global market positions purchasing organisations are more careful than ever to select best-value providers with the most compelling and cost-effective offer.

All sales organisations can – and should - do better. Given current global market positions purchasing organisations are more careful than ever to select best-value providers with the most compelling and cost-effective offer.

In more easy going market conditions many market-leading organisations have been able to consolidate their dominant positions by embarking on across-the-board sales training programmes for their sales staff. Companies with the freedom to spend in this way have been able to do so safe in the knowledge that the general level of sales ability and knowledge would be increased and that the investment in general sales training would be recuperated by future increased sales in a rising market.

But today’s economic circumstances are such that a rising market is less likely.

Our challenge now is to sell more with less sales resource at our disposal, to buyers with less spending power.

Raising the levels of sales knowledge and competency across the entire organisation may be very difficult to justify; it feels like throwing mud in the hope that some if it might stick.

Far better therefore to identify the most vulnerable, weakest aspects of your sales processes and fix just those.

Questpoint is able to run the ruler over your sales operations to highlight those areas where change – sometimes relatively minor – can have the greatest impact; the biggest return on investment.

Using a series of metrics we test your performance in key sales areas against best practice and highlight significant variance from best practice – the areas where you are at your weakest.

The sales informatics we gather form the basis of a tailored action plan where targeted, often relatively minor and affordable changes can bring very significant improvements and rewards.

Practical support

The sales diagnostic results in a gap analysis for your sales organisation. On the basis of the diagnostic areas are identified for rapid and practical improvement.

Whilst no two diagnostics are the same, some areas that come up for attention and rectification within sales operations do come up time and time again and include:

  • Corporate revenue goals and individual incentives realignment (compensation plans)
  • CRM implementation
  • Focused sales coaching

Compensation plans

Are your sales people correctly incentivised to do what is right for the business? In otherwords, are the compensation and commission plans in place the right ones to meet the corporate business plan and sales targets?

Quite often relatively small changes to compensation schemes can have a dramatic impact.

Sales people become more “effective” overnight as their efforts are all correctly channelled into meeting the corporate objective. Given the sensitivity of making such changes we can help advise you on how to enact change in the most appropriate way to meet your goals.

CRM implementation

Every selling organisation has some way of keeping track of opportunities and customers in an attempt to maximise present and future sales revenues; but only very rarely are the systems deployed perfectly fit-for-purpose.

Common problems with customer tracking and pipeline reporting include:

  • Partial (occasionally total) failure to embed the corporate sales method into the CRM system leading to a mismatch between how the company ought to be selling in theory and what the sales teams are doing in practice
  • Individuals fail to systematically record essential customer and sales information during the sales process, meaning that internal management and business decisions are not always taken with the benefit of all known information
  • Poor and inaccurate funnel ("pipeline") reporting and monitoring, which causes business uncertainty and generates planning problems for other divisions of the company, such as Operations

When deployed intelligently CRM is the most vital tool in managing a company’s interactions with new prospects, established prospects and existing customers alike.

A fit-for-purpose CRM system should totally embody your corporate sales methodology.

But often it doesn’t. Questpoint can bring your methodology (theory) and practice (CRM) together either by correctly embedding the most important elements of your ideal sales method into your existing CRM system or helping with the specification and implementation of a new CRM system. 


Questpoint takes a process-centric view of sales – we aim to help clients define and fix processes before anything else. However sometimes people do not fit the best sales process – yet.

As an alternative to formalised sales training Questpoint can work from the sales diagnostic to target those people within your sales operations who can make the biggest difference to your sales effectiveness and revenues. We prepare a pre-coaching report making specific recommendations for transformation and enact those recommendations on an intensive one-to-one basis.

In doing so our brief is to enact the most important changes within the shortest possible timescale so that changes hit the bottom line within weeks.    


Ask Questpoint exactly how our sales diagnostics service can improve your company’s sales department.