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Proposal & Tender Development

In most industries providing high value services and products into the marketplace, the single most expensive element within the entire sales cycle is developing the winning proposal.

Win rates too low? Proposal development cycles too long and exhausting? Questpoint's Winnning Proposal solutions can help.

In most industries providing high value services and products into the marketplace, the single most expensive element within the entire sales cycle is developing the winning proposal. The cost of proposal development starts at thousands of pounds and may run into millions, excluding the opportunity cost of not bidding for other winnable deals and the time of directors and other senior managers who sit outside your dedicated sales and marketing team and who have to be mobilised to assist with tenders and "must win" proposals.


Automate your Sales Proposals with TinderBox: Data-Driven Sales Documents in the Cloud

TinderBox’s leading sales automation software solution helps businesses own their sales process from presentation to close with data-driven sales documents in the cloud. TinderBox clients increase sales productivity by quickly generating consistent, trackable proposals. (Resource Centre)


Sales Messaging and Value Proposition Development

Failure to differentiate your solution results in your prospect buying from your competitor or not buying anything at all. Our Sales Messaging / VP definition service brings you to a full understanding of what customers and prospects most value about your offerings from the buyer’s perspective.


Proposal Workshops

Questpoint's Proposal Workshops are helpingt sales organisations devleop better proposals. After attending you will devleop superior proposals for prospects, faster and easier than before. The net result: improved win rates.



Proposal Consulting and Coaching Services

Our Proposal Consulting and Coaching services assist sales organisations develop better proposals. Not only visually more appealing the focus directly on client need. In delivering these services to you we never lose sight of the key objective: better win ratios.



Reduce Development Costs, Re-coupl with Improve Win Rates

Given the huge costs of developing proposals and tenders and the risk associated with not winning, why are so many organisations content with win rates of just one in five or worse? In some cases one in ten is closer to the mark; a hugely inefficient and frustrating way of conducting business!


Questpoint provides a suite of proposal development services which can together:

  • Drive your win rate to one in every three proposals or better
  • Improve the overall quality of documents submitted to prospective clients in competitive tenders
  • Reduce the development effort and cost associated with each tender process


In summary, our proposal development services lead to your targeted prospects being delighted by the documents you submit, whilst reducing the costs of development. The result is an increase in sales revenues from tendered opportunities


Whilst working within an overall sales methodology framework which places the proposal development effort within the context of the broader sales cycle, Questpoint will:

  • Benchmark the quality of your current and past tender documents against those produced internally and, in some cases, against those developed by other organisations (where available, with confidentiality absolutely assured)
  • Train your sales and marketing professionals who are associated with proposal development, placing a specific focus upon those elements identified in the benchmarking exercise as being your historical shortfalls
  • Drive Capability Improvement to optimise your key proposal-related processes, developing high-quality, high-impact templates and packaging
  • Develop a Bid Library for future use consisting of boilerplate and text, a graphics / image bank and a system for controlling version control and sign off approval
  • Extend practical, hands-on Proposal Support, often in the form of facilitating and leading new or updated bid processes plus the supply of experienced, industry experts to provide short term cover for roles such as Proposal Project Manager and Bid Manager
  • Even write key sections of your tenders for you if you lack internal resource to do so at the critical moment


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