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"Go to Market" & Proposition Definition

The higher the value of deal the more likely the complexity of the service or product being sold.

The higher the value of deal the more likely the complexity of the service or product being sold.

Whilst “people buy people” and the strength of personal relationships retains a strong resonance even to this day, increasingly knowledgeable purchasers with the power of the internet literally at their fingertips need to be wowed with crisp, accurate, compelling overviews of what your company offers. (A recent Corporate Executive Board study of 1,400+ B2B customers shows that nearly 60% of any typical purchasing decision - researching solutions, ranking options, setting requirements, pricing benchmarking pricing etc. - is fully completed before any sales conversation with any potential supplier.

Your service offers should be couched in terms that make the business benefits of your proposition to the prospective purchaser crystal clear.

Portraying your company’s offers in the most attractive and benefits-oriented fashion requires an understanding of what makes your products or services unique.

These are your “USPs”, unique selling points. Only your organisation can offer these USPs, so they must be readily identified and clearly communicated to the market.

And when you are attempting to sell a bespoke solution your value proposition will need to be hand-tailored to appeal most directly to the client; trotting out generic propositional material will not catch your buyer’s attention.

However, many organisations fall into a trap here. It is so tempting to highlight only the USPs whilst ignoring two key areas:

  • What are the true business benefits of these USPs to the customer (the “so what?” question)
  • How does the offer as a whole hang together, which includes a consideration of features (and therefore business benefits) offered by your organisation but also your competitors?

The company with the best product does not always dominate or even lead the market.

Whilst having a solid product or service is important in assuming a market leader ship position it is not necessary.

Most important is your overall “UVP” or Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

This takes into account your USPs but also takes into account functions or features which may not be unique, portraying them in the best possible light and stressing the holistic nature of the offer.

If you are experiencing difficulties in defining your Unique Value Proposition then your customers will be too; meaning that you are losing out on sales, perhaps even as you read this.

Questpoint is unlikely to be able to help directly in the creation of your product or service, but we can help you understand how to define your UVP to your target market.

So even if you don’t have the best product we can still help you challenge for market leadership!


Ask us how we might be able to refine existing value propositions or create new ones for you that have the greatest impact with your target clients.