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Our core sales transformation services provide you with sharper sales tools and include:

In most industries providing high value services and products into the marketplace, the single most expensive element within the entire sales cycle is developing the winning proposal.

Anything you can do in PowerPoint your competition can probably do better right now!

The higher the value of deal the more likely the complexity of the service or product being sold.

A well planned and executed strategy to take services and products to market is the foundation of any successful modern company; and executing the right indirect market strategy and working with the best partners is more important today than ever before.

All sales organisations can – and should - do better. Given current global market positions purchasing organisations are more careful than ever to select best-value providers with the most compelling and cost-effective offer.

Millions of sales professionals who have attended the Miller Heiman sales training programs have seen significant improvements in their close rates, lowered their cost of sales and shortened the sales cycle. Why? Because our programs focus on shifting the mind-set of your sales team so they focus on the customer.

Sales Playbooks are helping sales people focus on exactly what they should be doing to progress a deal through each of the sales stages quickly and successfully.

Before coming to Questpoint, our clients found themselves in scenarios like the examples below:

"we competed for 11 tenders last year but only won one - not acceptable!"

"we keep losing to our main competitor, but we have a better product than them, we're absolutely sure about that"

"Is it the market or the way we sell?"

"We need help in our FT application - the hospital just doesn't have the in-house personnel to do this"

"We just can't find the right sales people. Whilst they interview well they simply don't perform for us and we have to get rid of them"

"We won a £5m deal last quarter - massive - but we couldn't sign the contract and the project got pulled by the client. Arggghh!"

"We've got a £50m pipeline - the best we've ever had - but we don't have enough people to do the business. We are worried that by the time we've recruited and trained people much of this opportunity will be lost"

"We did the pitch of out lives last week and we still didn't win. We don't know what we did wrong and we've got another one next month. We think we would benefit from an outside perspective"

"After three years our most loyal and lucrative customer has gone elsewhere, but we don't know what we did wrong!"

"Mailshots don't seem to work for us anymore. If we get a 1% response we're happy. Is there a better way?"

"We're going to be doing three proposals next month - we can't cope. We need domain expertise... but only for about 6 weeks or so"

"Our website's OK but could we win more business if we updated it a bit?"

"If our Sales Manager left we would be stuffed. Customers love her but she seems to lock everyone else out, keeping the best accounts to herself"

"Our products are great, yet people just don't seem to get what we do. It's most frustrating!"

"It seems to take ages to call up the customer's file - we feel a bit unprofessional"

"The board no longer believe our monthly sales projections and frankly, neither do I"

"All that hard work to get the proposal in on time and then the printer messed up so we missed the deadline!"

Sales is a science, not a convoluted black art that is the preserve of the gifted few who were “born to sell”.

Questpoint adheres to the well-respected Miller Heiman sales method.

Our assignments are always informed by the need to follow a proven and reliable sales method but we avoid “boiling the ocean” and over-complicating things by delivering best-in-class sales solutions to particular pain points – the areas where you really need to improve to gain competitive advantage.

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