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TinderBox Pitch is coming in 2015

Get ready to share your sales presentations with your prospects and track who is looking at them in real time

The evolution of sales documents continues as TinderBox prepare to launch Pitch in early 2015.

Do you know ...

Who is looking at your website right now? Who is readling your hard and softcopy collateral? How long are they spending with your content?

Let's be frank, you've probably got no idea. 

Yet at the start of a sales cycle the precise way that your suspects engage with your collateral is one of the best clues as to whether they might become genuine prospects for you and your company sales funnel. Or not.

Track viewers real time

Wouldn't it be great if you could send customised sales presentations to your suspects and prospects and then see exactly when they open your presentation and how much time they spent on each slide?

Not only could you see whose interest you have piqued, you could also see which content is working well and which content needs to be changed or discarded.

Sounds good? Here's an example - click here.

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