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Questpoint helps leading NHS provider to £31m of contracts

Harmoni is the fastest-growing independent sector provider of healthcare services to the English NHS (National Health Service). Specialising in the provision of urgent primary care services, Harmoni cares for over ten million patients in England.

Harmoni’s new business team is one of the most successful in the healthcare business. Since 2004 Harmoni’s annual turnover has increased from £4million to over £100 million – a huge increase by anyone’s standards! During 2012 unprecedented new opportunities – and challenges - arose as the NHS started to evolve as a result of Andrew Lansley’s NHS Bill and a new patient telephone service – NHS 111 – began to be commissioned to run parallel to the emergency 999 number. Harmoni wished to take advantage of as many of the emerging market opportunities as possible but were completely swamped with the huge workload. Harmoni contacted Questpoint having worked with one of our directors over the past eight years. In six weeks Questpoint helped grow the funnel by £65m, £31m of which became closed business within four months.

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