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Close more deals with Predictive Funnel Management

Sales managers usually review the sales funnel by sitting with their sales people and looking at Excel spreadsheets dumped out of the CRM system (if you are lucky enough to have CRM!). But now there's a better way ... a much better way ....

Funnel management can be really tiresome ... tiresome for both the reviewing manager and the sales person who has to dash off a report, usually in Excel and ideally by running a report from the corporate CRM system. 

But without the salesperson textual funnel reports don't mean much - they have to be "brought to life" by the salesperson. Cue opportunities for exaggeration and potential misinformation! 

With predictive funnel management you can see at-a-glance the funnel of any individual sales person or your entire sales team. The real,time funnel is highly visual with at-a-click drill down capabilities. Using your own business logic deals can be colour coded to immediately flag that further action or hlep is required to move a deal forward. 

In the example in the visual the funnel is clearly un-balanced; we simply do not have sufficienct deals in the early stages of the sales cycle to give us any confidence that sales will be health beyond the immediate short term. This points to the need for lead generation and a focus on new prospects.

Predictive funnel management brings inteligence and power to sales managers but it also makes life better for individual sales peoope who can see very easily what much be down to move a deal towards closure.

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