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TinderBox Pitch is coming in 2015

Get ready to share your sales presentations with your prospects and track who is looking at them in real time

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Questpoint helps leading NHS provider to £31m of contracts

Harmoni is the fastest-growing independent sector provider of healthcare services to the English NHS (National Health Service). Specialising in the provision of urgent primary care services, Harmoni cares for over ten million patients in England.

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Press Release: Questpoint appointed as TinderBox’s first European Partner

Sales automation leader appoints first European partner to support global outreach strategy

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The end of "Solution Selling"?

The most recent edition of the Harvard Business Review contains a provocative article entitled “The End of Solution Sales”.

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Close more deals with Predictive Funnel Management

Sales managers usually review the sales funnel by sitting with their sales people and looking at Excel spreadsheets dumped out of the CRM system (if you are lucky enough to have CRM!). But now there's a better way ... a much better way ....

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