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TinderBox - Sales Proposal Automation

Sales productivity is more important than ever, but your salespeople are getting bogged down in the process. That’s why our sales automation solution will always be working for you and your sales team. Automating the creation of proposals, presentations, and contracts saves time. Giving visibility to prospect engagement changes the game.

Meet the next generation of Proposals. 

TinderBox's powerful cloud-based software provides salespeople, marketers, and legal teams with the ability to not only automate the creation of documents, but also provides the prospect with an engaging proposal experience. 

TinderBox is a powerful, web-based proposal management and storage solution that provides secure, 24/7 access to documents sales representatives use to sell. TinderBox allows users to access these selling materials from a secure online repository for real-time access from anywhere in the world. With a computer and web browser, authorized users can easily create, store, share, revise, distribute and track interactive proposals and contracts. 

What We Solve

Creating proposals can be a time consuming and tedious process. You can spend hours writing, editing, and formatting proposals and then go through another round of editing and checking for accuracy prior to sending it to the prospect. Once a proposal is sent to a potential client, it disappears into a black hole and it can be days, weeks, or even longer, before you have any idea if it was received, read, or approved.

How TinderBox Works

Painless Proposals 

TinderBox makes the proposal process painless. TinderBox allows you to manage all aspects of proposal creation including: writing, formatting, management, approvals, and tracking all from within one simple interface. With TinderBox you no longer have to stare at a blinking cursor wondering if you are using the latest content, or struggle with formatting documents in an attempt to maintain accuracy and consistency. TinderBox ensures that you are always working with the most accurate, consistent, and up-to-date proposal content.

Best of all, TinderBox actually provides visibility into how your prospects are interacting with your proposals. TinderBox provides tracking data for every proposal you send out. You will know when your prospect viewed the proposal, what sections they viewed, and how long they spent reviewing it.

In our TinderBox Resource Centre you'll find a wealth of helpful additional information.

TinderBox improves the quality of your proposals and provides visibility into how your proposals perform. To book a demo of TinderBox please click here

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