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Sales Playbook - the 8% revenue advantage

Research by the Aberdeen Group’ reveals that 54% of salespeople using a Playbook are likely to meet their sales target versus just 46% where there is no Playbook available to the salespeople.

Sales Playbooks build upon your established sales process to embed best practice into every-day selling, thus increasing the success of your salespeople.

The data from the Aberdeen Group highlights an 8% difference in target attainment between Playbook users and non-Playbook users.

If your company’s sales target is $100m having a Playbook could equate to a superior performance of $8m.

Questpoint's new Executive Briefing Paper explores this disparity and highlights the potential benefits that could accrue if you were to deploy a Sales Playbook.

We expore the different types of Playbook so that you can work out which one is going to be best for you and share the process of developing your own Sales Playbook internally.

What would an extra 8% revenue mean for your business? 

To find out how to gain a competitive advantage download the Sales Playbook Exucutive Briefing Paper here