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Sales Planning and Execution Resource Centre

Find full details of our sales enablement portfolio including Sales Playbooks, visualisation and analytics, research papers and case studies.


Our playbooks, when coupled with unique visualisation and analytics tools, improve sales team collaboration and effectiveness, shifting your organisational sales performance to new highs.

Sales Playbooks

Playbooks by RevegyEven with a sales team that’s highly compensated, extremely talented and fully capable of beating the competition, something can be lacking that will cost you sales. What is the missing ingredient that can guide your sales people to their best actions? 

Opportunity Managment Playbooks

Playbooks by RevegyRapidly identify and eliminate risks that drive unreliable forecasts such as having poor access to decision makers, not aligning solutions to customer problems, spending too much time on deals you can’t win and too little on your best opportunities.

Account Managment Playbooks

Playbooks by RevegyDaunting challenges may be standing between you and a larger piece of the customer's pie: inconsistencies in your processes … the wrong customer relationships … an inability to effectively collaborate with your team – and the customer. This is where we can help.

Channel Management Playbooks

Channel Management Playbooks by RevegyEngaging channel partners is a powerful way to rapidly grow sales with high profit margins. But making the process efficient and effective can be a towering challenge. We help remove typical channel blockers so you can effectively drive revenue with your best partners.


Research Briefs

These research papers provide insights into how to resolve a couple of dilemmas that never seem to go away - poor sales forecasting and those stale excuses for not winning deals that you should have won.

Sales SOS - why forecasting is sill a shot in the dark

Playbooks by RevegySales forecasting requires both analytics and coaching. But these investments are only as good as a company’s ability to align the sales process with the customers’ buying process. Without this alignment the forecasting result will always be the same – a very expensive shot in the dark.

Sales SOS - three excuses that doom sales teams

Playbooks by Revegy"I spend two-thirds of my day listening to excuses from my sales team. It’s the sound of opportunity dying." (VP Sales). There is no room for excuses or surprises - you and your sales team require actionable, insightful intelligence every step of the way.


Case Studies
Two world class companies deployed Revegy Sales Planning and Execution solutions and enjoyed spectacular benefits.

Case Study: £1 billion software company

Playbooks by RevegyA multi-billion pound global software giant expands with Revegy's sales planning and execution solution to help the Global Strategic Account team maximise customer account revenues and strengthen business relaitonships.

Case Study: Sales Process + Technology = Optimisation

Playbooks by RevegyWhen a global technology company changed sales leadership, they needed an adaptable sales process that would provide the insights necessary to sustain their targeted rapid growth. New Process + Technology = Optimisation.

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