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Improve win rates with faster, better proposals - straight from CRM

A new generation of sales automation tools is emerging to drive sales productivity and professionalism. TinderBox's proposal automation solution is at the forefront of this new generation

Don't get caught in the void

For years sales organisations have had access to great methodologies and processes and, for the past decade or so, CRM technologies (, Microsoft Dynamics and many others) which have had a massive impact on day-to-day selling activity.

But the link between methodology and what we do day-by-day, hour by hour just isn't there. Methodology can seem "too complex" or "a bit heavy", it's relevance to day-to-day selling a little opaque. But conversely sales actions that are not ultimately underpinned by sound method can be less effective, futile even.

The rise of sales automation and enablement

Analysts Gartner are now predicting that the European CRM SaaS market will continue to grow at 40% per annum. CRM has become the prime sales system used by sales professionals, the main portal to key customer contact information and forecasting.

And right now there are several software companies - the likes of TinderBox and Revegy - invariably American organisations - that have worked out that bringing process, tools and assets into CRM at the right time in the sales cycle and in a way that is right for that particular deal and customer is the way to bridge the void.

Empower your sales people every day

How? Tinderbox allows sales organisations to bridge the void by hosting corporately-approved client-centric sales content which is simply assembled at the precisely the right point in the sales cycle using drag and drop.

When deployed inside CRM, client-specific information is auto-populated. So salespeople can now generate truly world class proposals faster and easier than ever before. And once the proposal has been submitted the salesperson can track when the document has been opened, how long certain sections have been studied for and who within the buying organisation has had the proposal forwarded to them.

In summary it’s a thoroughly modern approach to sales automation and it’s now available here in Europe.

Questpoint is TinderBox's first UK / EMEA partner. To learn whether automating your proposal development process could increase your success rates with bids drop us a line: